Running On Purpose

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In his first book, Moore has delivered a work that is not just a career memoir or an inspirational business book; it also champions family, resilience, persistence, the drive for results, strong communications and other traits that can, and should guide our personal and professional lives. This is a remarkable first-person story of the action, tenacity, creativity, celebration and principles that carried Moore from one success to another — and that ultimately led to his most important legacy: providing insights for guiding twenty-first century American business.
— The Cornell Club, New York


Henrietta H. Fore

Chair and CEO, Holsman International

“Wondering what the purpose of life is? This book is where you should begin to articulate your own purpose and sense of good in life. A smart and actionable book with an irrepressible and inspiring hero in Charlie."

Erika Karp

Founder and CEO, Cornerstone Capital Group

“As with everything in his life and career, Charlie infuses his memoir with empathy, intensity, and consistency. In calling for tenacity and creativity, he nudges business-people to stay outside of their comfort zones and highlights the extent to which building or rebuilding a business requires the open-minded embrace of change and transformation.”

Jane Nelson

Director, Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

“Charlie Moore is a truly remarkable leader and community builder. The story of his multifaceted personal and professional journey should be read by anyone who cares about building better teams, better companies, better communities, and a better world. And by anyone who wants to gain insights into what it means to lead a meaningful and good life. He understands the importance of balancing financial success with social and environmental impact, and he sees the value in investing in the arts, education, and building resilient communities. Running on Purpose is without a doubt a must read for both current and aspiring leaders from all walks of life."

Marilyn Carlson Nelson

co-CEO, Carlson Holdings Inc.

“Charlie Moore’s winning an Olympic gold taught him that pursuing goals bigger than ourselves and striving for and committing to a bigger purpose give our lives meaning. His example of principled pursuit, his resilience and tenacity, and his positive attitude make his memoir fascinating, inspiring, and instructive.”

Jean Rogers

Founder and CEO, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

“A new generation of investors is demanding financial performance and sustainability performance—as Charlie realized was inevitable and central to long-term resilience and value creation. Charlie’s journey reminds us why ‘carrying the torch’ is more than just an Olympic expression. We must now accept the torch with honor and bring the same grace and courage to carrying it that Charlie has. Not because it is easy, but because it must be done for the benefit of companies, investors, and society.”

Sir Roger Bannister

Author of Twin Tracks and The Four-Minute Mile

“It is given to few by dint of their genes and hard work to win an Olympic gold medal. It is given to far fewer gold medalists to settle down from the distractions and blandishments of fame to create a successful career based on public service. Charlie Moore has achieved this in spades and I am proud to count him as my friend.”

Dominic Barton

Managing Director McKinsey & Company

"An athlete in many arenas—from the Olympics to the boardroom—Charlie Moore is as thoughtful and insightful a leader as I have met. In Running on Purpose, Moore pulls together a lifetime of remarkable experiences and perspectives, drawing out the lessons relevant to all of us and making a powerful call to action for sustainable value creation.”

Marc R. Benioff

Chairman and CEO, Salesforce, and author of The Business of Changing the World

Running on Purpose captures Charlie Moore’s amazing journey as well as his wisdom gathered from decades of corporate experience. He lays out the processes and behaviors for business and society to thrive together, and convincingly asserts that long- term thinking and trust are the essential ingredients of sustainable value creation.”

Kenneth "Ken" H. Blanchard

Author of The One Minute Manager and Re re! Don’t Retire

“Charlie is my refiring hero! His life is one of constant, tenacious, and inspirational movement. Running on Purpose is a lesson not just for individuals. The book also contains a powerful message for businesses to champion sustainable forms of growth. While Wall Street often suggests the only reason to be in business is to make money, I’ve always believed that profit is the applause you get for taking care of your customers, creating a motivating environment for your people, and being a good citizen in your community. We need to get CEOs to think in a different way.”

Douglas "Doug" R. Conant

Retired CEO, Campbell Soup Company, and author of TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments

"Charlie Moore’s unbridled enthusiasm for leading a purpose driven life is second to none. And at CECP, Charlie channeled that enthusiasm into building the largest and most impactful organization of its kind in history. This book beautifully captures the spirited zeal that Charlie has brought to his every endeavor. A very worthy read.”

Daniel "Dan" L. Doctoroff

Founder and CEO, Sidewalk Labs

“I have had the great fortune to observe and benefit from Charlie Moore’s wisdom, broad perspective, and resilience in many phases of his career and life. What a gift it is that he is now teaching all of us the invaluable lessons he has learned from a remarkable life.”

Paul Druckman

Former CEO, International Integrated Reporting Council

“This book is an important must-read for anyone who has the quality to lead rather than follow. The reflections are personal but for everyone. In the chapter The License to Lead, I am taken with the flow of the argument as well as the content. The call to action is not on one person or one institution, it is on everyone. Get your to-do list out. Charlie has laid out what we need to do and it is up to us to make it happen.”

Robert "Bob" G. Eccles

Chairman, Arabesque Partners, and the author of The Integrated Reporting Movement

“When an Olympic gold medal winner and a company CEO writes a book about the need to change the game for how business is done, people should listen. I certainly have. Charlie is spot-on in his call for companies to focus on sustainable value creation and his challenge to companies and the individuals who work in them to ‘dare to lead.’ His writing style is like he is as a person — energetic, optimistic, wise, warm, and practical. This is a fun and important book to read!”

Douglas "Doug" Hale

Former head of school, Mercersburg Academy

“Working closely with Charles Moore to develop an ambitious strategic plan and raise an audacious amount of money to support that plan was inspirational. His capacity to organize, communicate with, teach, and inspire volunteers and donors alike helped us easily exceed our goal. This book is another example of Charles’s energy and purpose.”

Robert "Bob" S. Harrison

Chairman, board of trustees, Cornell University

“Charlie Moore has inspired generations to succeed with purpose—from young Cornell athletes to the CEOs of Fortune 100 companies who embraced his leadership in driving the private sector toward higher societal values than simply making money. This book is about a principled lifetime of  action that’s always headed in the right direction.”

William "Bill" R. McDermott

CEO, SAP SE, and the author of Winners Dream

“Charlie Moore knows better than most what it means to run on purpose. This book shares wisdom from Charlie’s inspirational life and leaves readers with a clear impression of what it takes to be a strong leader.”

Harold "Terry" W. McGraw III

Retired CEO, McGraw-Hill Companies

“Companies are recognizing that by leveraging their business capabilities and core competencies to improve society they can also achieve long-term financial benefits for their customers and shareholders. And Charlie has provided extraordinary leadership and vision, putting a spotlight on the importance and need to re-imagine business’s role in society. In Running on Purpose Charlie captures the spirit and essence of business and individual success through creating shared value. It’s a must-read!”

Barry C. Melancon

President and CEO, American Institute of CPAs

“Charles Moore’s life has been about top performance, critical problem solving, and delivering results and creating value for businesses, employees, and investors. Charlie exemplifies integrated thinking and now masterfully leverages that history into demonstrating how businesses and their leaders need to rethink how they report and communicate information on value creation. By advocating the use of integrated thinking and reporting, he makes the case for a new way of reasoning and communicating in the future."

James "Jim" J. Murren

Chair and CEO, MGM Resorts International

“Charlie Moore inspires the best of the human spirit. His personal achievements have only been exceeded by his pioneering leadership in social responsibility—setting the bar and inspiring excellence for all of us to follow.”

Chris Pinney

President and CEO, High Meadows Institute

“An inspired guide to the race the next generation of business leaders must run from a leader who has lived life with passion and purpose both on the track and in business."

Gerard "Gerry" R. Roche

Chairman emeritus, Heidrick & Struggles

“Executive styles vary as widely as the companies they serve. Charlie Moore has been the consummate change agent in this respect. Heidrick & Struggles placed Charlie in four turnaround situations that demanded speed, discipline, and problem solving. In every appointment, a more lucid, resilient, and purposeful organization resulted. The decades we spent together became a true problem-solving partnership.”

Edward "Ed" B. Rust Jr.

Chairman of the board, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance

“Running on Purpose captures the essence of Charlie Moore’s rich personal journey. From winning Olympic gold to leading successful businesses and ultimately helping the world of corporate philanthropy become more effective, Charlie’s story weaves an impressive tapestry of what it is possible to achieve and influence in one’s life. His story provides a powerful road map for generations of future leaders to reach their fullest potential and lead business in the creation of sustainable value.”

David W. Schner

President and executive editor, LEADERS magazine

“Running on Purpose is the culmination of Charles Moore’s diverse and dynamic life as a world-class athlete, innovator, change agent, business leader, and philanthropist. This book is a must-read for today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow as it  delivers a call to action around the true meaning and purpose of sustainable value creation. Charlie takes readers on his life journey, which is full of meaning, action, impact, and purpose. At a time when the world is full of challenges and turmoil, Running on Purpose provides a guideline and template for living a life of purpose.”

Sanford "Sandy" I. Weill

Former chair and CEO, Citigroup, and the author of The Real Deal

“A constant theme Charlie has always championed is to give back, and Running on Purpose chronicles his spectacular journey. Many people, businesses, nonprofits, and our world are better off today because of Charlie’s contributions.”



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