One Hurdle at a Time:

An Olympian's Guide to Clearing Life's Obstacles (A companion book to Running on Purpose, for Young Audiences)

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Wondering what hurdles you may face in your life? This book tells you what to expect and how to succeed — by taking you through an Olympian’s unforgettable experience. It’s another winning effort by my friend Charlie Moore!
— Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four-minute-mile barrier


In One Hurdle at a Time, Charles Moore offers a fascinating glimpse into his "race of a lifetime" -- both the excitement of an Olympic hurdles competition and an examination of the hurdles we all face in our lives. While the reader joins Moore on a sprint around the track at the 1952 Olympic Games, he recounts his 88 years filled with inspiring successes, as well as great challenges. But with each hurdle, Moore offers a lesson in how to overcome it: Get out of your own way. Find your stride. Run with purpose. Enjoy the journey. Sprint to the finish. As both a biography of a man named one of the "100 Golden Olympians" and a guide for self-improvement, One Hurdle at a Time will inspire kids to aim high and be their best selves.


Chapter 1:  The hurdle: Low Expectations

How to overcome: Dream Big

Chapter 2:  The hurdle: A Bad Lane

How to overcome: Get Out of Your Own Way

Chapter 3:  The hurdle: A Blocked Path

How to overcome: Keep Moving

Chapter 4:  The hurdle: Lack of Creativity

How to overcome: Find Your Stride

Chapter 5:  The hurdle: Pressure

How to overcome: Concentrate on You

Chapter 6: The hurdle: Self Interest

How to overcome: Run with Purpose

Chapter 7: The hurdle: Goal Confusion

How to overcome: Focus on the Next Hurdle

Chapter 8: The hurdle: Losing Momentum

How to overcome: Be Flexible

Chapter 9: The hurdle: Regret

How to overcome: Enjoy the Journey

Chapter 10: The hurdle: Exhaustion

How to overcome: Sprint to the Finish

About the authors:


Charles H. Moore Jr. followed a record -setting stint as a world-class athlete with a career as a world-traveling business leader. Later, more than forty years after attending Cornell University, he returned to direct the college's athletic program. He was then recruited to serve as the executive director of the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy (CECP). Whether running around the track toward Olympics gold, running several companies or running after nine children and sixteen grandchildren, his goal has always been to find creative ways to move forward and give back. 

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Brad Herzog is the author of more than 30 books for adults and for children of all ages -- about subjects ranging from soccer to civil rights to small-town America. As a freelance magazine writer, he has been honored serval times by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, including Grand Gold Medal for best feature article of the year. As a speaker, he visits schools around the country as a guest author, inspiring a passion for reading and writing. 

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