Running On Purpose


One Hurdle at a Time

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At long last, the book


A business memoir by

Charles H. Moore Jr.


“This book is a must-read for today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow as it delivers a call to action around the true meaning and purpose of sustainable value creation . . . [and] provides a guideline and template for living a life of purpose.”

—David W. Schner,

President and Executive Editor, LEADERS Magazine


An extraordinary life.

Athletic Excellence

1948 — 13-Step Hurdling Innovation
1952 — Olympic Gold Medalist
1994 — Cornell Athletics Director

Business Leadership

1953 — Family Business
1973 — Corporate Turnarounds
1999 — Corporate Philanthropy
2014 — Sustainable Value Creation

This is the remarkable first-person story of the action, tenacity, creativity, celebration, and principles that carried Olympic gold medalist and notable business leader Charles H. Moore, Jr. from one success to another -- and that ultimately led to his most important legacy: providing insights for guiding twenty-first-century American business.


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